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Mental Health Services

People with severe mental illness represent one of the largest disenfranchised groups in our community. GCBHS has been in the business of serving this population for more than 40 years. We’re constantly trying to figure out ways to do it even better, through partnerships and mergers.

Care Management and Assertive Community Treatment

Care Management is the coordination of overall care for our clients, as we work to help them improve and restore their mental health and their ability to function in the community. Care managers may assist with Social Security benefits, medical benefits, housing, and crisis management. They may refer clients to job training  support groups, and other specialized services. Care managers collaborate with family members, medical professionals and other service providers to make sure everyone gets the best care possible.


Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Our specialized culturally competent team of providers takes into account the unique experiences of our clients that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and have a mental illness. Services such as care management, counseling and psychiatric services are provided all while accommodating our clients' preferred means of communication.

FIRST – Early Identification & Treatment of Psychosis 

This is a specialized treatment program for people who have a recent diagnosis of psychosis. Get details on FIRST.

Criminal Justice Services

GCBHS provides many mental health services to people involved in the court system. Read about the various “Criminal Justice Services.”


Homeless Services

These services work to identify homeless people in the community with mental illness, and to get them the help they need. Learn more about the various teams involved.

Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment 

This is a specialized treatment program for people who have both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder.

Transitional-Aged Youth Services

This program helps young people move from children’s mental health services to adult mental health services. The goal is to smooth the transition and focus on independence. Learn more here.

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