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Executive Leadership


Jeff O'Neil
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Kirschner
Chief Operations Officer

Tracey Skale
Chief Medical Officer

Nikki Bisig
Senior Vice President of Hamilton County
Behavioral Health Services

Debbie DeMarcus

VP  Mental Health Services- Hamilton County


Michael R. Lyons

VP of Health Information Services

Penny Middaugh
Vice President of Child & Family Services

Alicia Fine
Senior Vice President of Clermont County
Behavioral Health Services

Joce Arvisais
Chief Financial Officer

John Sarra
Vice President of Human Resources and Facilities

Diane Wright
Vice President of Quality Management
and Compliance

Kateri A. Broerman
Director of Mental Health Services

Kim Carrier
CEO Assistant/Administrative Coordinator

Heather Cokl
Associate VP Addiction Services - Clermont County

Cindi Crew
Director of Integrated Counseling Services

Ron Cropper
Director of Development

Jennifer K. Dorschug
Associate VP Mental Health Services - Clermont County

Tim Farfsing
Associate Director of Facilities

Lloyd Mason
Director of Information Technology

Tracey Meininger
Director of Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Dawn Michaels
Community Relations Manager

Katherine J. Schmidt, MD
Medical Director

Kelly A. Smith-Trondle
Director of Employment & Recovery Services

Anna Stark
Director of School Based & N. KY Services

Joyce Weddle
Director of Vocational Services

Board of Directors


Fred Heyse  -  Board Chair

Susan Scherer  -  Vice Chair

Stacy Lynch -  Secretary

Elizabeth Jukic  -  Treasurer

Nick Hahn -  Member at Large
Patti Jacobs - Member at Large

Angela Barber-Joiner

Richard Boydston

Olivia Greer

Steve Harlamert 

Grant Hesser

Colleen Lindholz

Zeeshan Pasha, MD

Jamie Ramsey

Laurie Roessler

Janeen Sharpshair

Dr. James Thomas

Gloria Walker

Chris Wilks

George Wright

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