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From the beginning, we've stood for hope.

As an organization, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS) has held the space for hope when our clients and their family members may have run out of it. With every merger, acquisition, and expansion, we’ve chosen the hope-filled path—guided by the belief that we can make life better and brighter for people with mental illness, addiction, and related challenges.

The GCBHS of today—a $45 million organization with 700 staff serving 30,000 people annually—is the sum of many parts. We officially became Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services in 2004, with the merger of two long-running mental health agencies, Cincinnati Restoration, Inc. and Queen City Case Management. In


2014, we merged with Clermont Recovery Center (a substance abuse treatment agency) and LifePoint Solutions (a social service agency dating back to 1879).  We're now the largest behavioral healthcare provider in the Greater Cincinnati region, serving people of all ages and walks of life, who are affected by mental illness and addiction. Our psychiatrists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, counselors, care managers, employment specialists, and other staffers are a cut above—not just because they are rigorously trained, but also, because they truly believe in the work. Day after day, they choose the hope-filled path, too, and lead clients on the journey toward wellness.

We’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputation for quality care, innovative collaboration, and early adoption of new systems, technologies, and treatment approaches. We remember a time, not so long ago, when mental health was a taboo topic. In the past few decades, so much has changed for the positive. First, the general public has come to better understand mental health issues, and secondly, the healthcare system has integrated mental health as part of overall health. We’ve always loved our work, and we’re heartened to see the changes. The advances of the past several years have helped the community better understand what we do, while allowing us to grow and adapt—and ultimately, create new programs to better serve our clients.

As GCBHS moves forward, we want our clients to be proud to work with us. We want our referral partners to regard us as the provider of choice. And we want to spread our message of hope, and continue to be seen as the solution for people who have severe mental illness and addictions.

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