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GCBHS has two programs designed to help homeless people who have severe mental illness.

Our PATH Team (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) focuses on outreach. They work with area shelters and also go directly into the community to find homeless individuals and connect them to mental health and other services. PATH uses a unique staffing model. A Peer Worker, someone who also has a diagnosis of mental illness but has recovered and is working for GCBHS, has a better chance of connecting with a potential client. The same is true of Veteran Workers (people who are veterans of the Armed Forces). The team also includes Forensic Workers. These are professionals who have specialized training in working with those who have criminal backgrounds and mental illness. There’s no “one size fits all” solution, and our Path Team takes a very individualized approach to engaging and relating to the various special populations within the homeless community.


The Homeless ACT Team uses a Housing First approach — meaning we work to get housing for clients before, or concurrently with, clinical interventions — to serve people with chronic mental illness and chronic homelessness and help them live successfully in their communities. Our goal is to give this population the support, treatment, and hope that they need to thrive.

Homeless Services

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