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GCBHS has specific programs that are dedicated to helping people with mental illness currently in the court system or about to be released from prison.

Mental Health Court

Through a specific GCBHS program, people in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Mental Health Court may be eligible to get treated in a court-monitored, community-based mental health program instead of going to prison. To be accepted, participants must have a diagnosis of severe mental illness, be charged with a felony crime (certain felonies are excluded), and have no history of serious or repetitive violence.


Similarly, participants in Hamilton County’s Municipal Mental Health Court are also eligible if they have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and are charged with a misdemeanor offense.


For Direct Referral, contact the Project Coordinator/Court Monitor at (513) 946-6179.

Prison Release Services

The GCBHS Forensic Assertive Community Treatment team provides intensive community support to people with mental illness who are being released from prison on parole or post-release control. The treatment team collaborates closely with the state prison system to link participants to services as soon as they’re released. It’s a unique approach to serving this population, and the team includes a dedicated parole officer.

Criminal Justice Services

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