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It is the policy GCBHS to ensure, protect and promote the rights of all clients applying for services or being served by the organization.  GCBHS will demonstrate this commitment by communicating these rights in a way that is meaningful to its clients and responsive to their unique and specific cultural and diversity issues. Whenever possible, GCBHS will communicate these rights to family members of clients served as well. GCBHS’ commitment to client rights guides the delivery of services and ongoing interactions to ensure and support engagement in their individualized service plans.  The filing of a complaint or grievance by a client shall not result in retaliation of any type by the organization create barriers to the needed services.  Under no circumstances will physical abuse, corporal punishment or psychological abuse or neglect be tolerated by employees of GCBHS in their interactions with clients of the agency.  Staff will abide by appropriate work conduct as outlined in the Agency Code of Ethics for all personnel.  


Changes to the GCBHS Clients’ Rights Policy are to be submitted for review by the community mental health board and the state department of mental health before enactment.

View the GCBHS New Client Welcome Packet here, which includes a full explanation of Client Rights policies.

 GCBHS' Client Concern Line: 513-354-5285

Client Rights

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