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GCBHS seeks to help create stronger families. Some of our programs are specifically aimed at giving parents and children the resources they need to succeed. Others are more broadly focused, and could include children, teens, or adults.

Child & Family Services


Our licensed social workers and counselors see kids, teens, and adults (both individually and in groups ) as they work through issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, mental illness, disabilities, grief and loss, substance abuse, relationship problems, domestic violence and conflicts at home, school, or work. Learn more about Counseling at GCBHS.

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School-Based Services

School-Based Services help children, families, and schools in Hamilton County deal with issues both educational and emotional. Learn more about School-Based Services.

Growing Resilience

Youth and young adults who have experienced trauma are at significantly greater risk for health and behavioral health issues. Research suggests that people heal from trauma through building five resilience factors: positive connections with safe adults, affiliation, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and external support systems. Learn more about The Resilience Model here. 

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