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Celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day!

Since 2011, the third Friday in December has been designated as #NationalUglySweaterDay. So when did the celebrating of ugly sweaters start?

Ugly sweaters first became popular in the 1980's and were known as Jingle Bell sweaters. They became even more popular after appearing in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie. In 2002, some of our neighbors to the North held the first known "Ugly Sweater Party" to raise money for cancer treatment. Since then its popularity has become pretty mainstream.

Here are some Ugly Sweater Facts:

  • 23% of people will buy an ugly sweater

  • 9% of people report they will be attending their first Ugly Sweater party

  • Ugly Christmas sweaters are BIG business. has made $5 million in just three years.

Check out our #GCBHS staffers as they show their holiday spirit! We hope you enjoy this video and we want to thank those who participated.

Happy Holidays!

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