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Through counseling, care management, and group services, GCB’s licensed therapists help students and families realize their potential and overcome challenges. Schools see better academic performance, and the community at large benefits from having healthier children and families.

GCB is proud to partner with United Way of Greater Cincinnati to provide these vital services to the community. 

Individual Therapy

Teachers, administrators, school guidance counselors, and parents may refer a child (or the child themselves may ask to see someone). Counselors work with students on a wide range of issues, including anger management, parent conflict, depression, self-esteem, suicidal feelings, lack of motivation, inability to express feelings and emotions, and physical or sexual abuse and other trauma.

Family Counseling

Sometimes the whole family needs to be involved in counseling. When possible, we find that this approach goes a long way toward helping kids and parents thrive.

Group Sessions

Some topics are well-suited to group work, such as conflict resolution, communication skills, self-esteem, anger management, personal hygiene, academic performance, divorced families, and alcohol and drug use/abuse. School-based therapists facilitate these groups.

Care Management and Service Coordination

We use a wrap-around model of service to help families with multiple problems develop more stability and connect with the resources they need.

School-Based Services

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