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Our licensed social workers and counselors use an integrated approach to counseling, involving both assessment and therapy (individual and group). We aim to help people identify their strengths and get the tools they need to overcome challenges and lead meaningful and productive lives.

GCBHS Counseling services are holistic, meaning they are focused on the whole person—that is, on spiritual, occupational, emotional, physical, financial, social, environmental, and intellectual wellness. People find their way to our GCBHS counselors because of various life issues or chronic mental health struggles, including trauma, depression, anxiety, mental illness, disabilities, grief and loss, substance abuse, relationship problems, domestic violence and conflicts at home, school, or work.  

GCBHS is proud to partner with United Way of Greater Cincinnati to provide these vital services for our community.  


For more information on any of the programs or to schedule a counseling appointment, please call: 

(513) 345-8555 

To find out information on our Certified Community Behavioral Healthcare Clinic in Clermont County click here.

Court Ordered Program

This group counseling program provides specialized services for people in the areas of anger management, sex offending, and theft.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This is a research-based individual and group therapy program for people who have problems with regulating their emotions.


This individual and group therapy program uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other research-based models for people with both developmental disabilities and mental health problems.


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