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WKRC interviews GCBHS School Based Services Therapist Carly Yersky

Numerous shootings in the Cincinnati area this year have sparked much media coverage. One thing that has caught the public's attention is that many of these shooting's are being carried out by young people and in many of those, the victims have also been young people.

A recent drive by shooting on June 3rd sent a 7 year-old girl to the hospital. Thankfully the bullet did not enter any organs and she was released from the hospital the next day. WKRC Channel 12 reporter David Winter was interested in learning the effects of trauma in one so young. He spoke with #GCBHS School Based Therapist Carly Yersky, LPCC-S. See their interview below.

You can see the entire interview, which includes the children who was shot, and her mother, HERE.

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