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The Flying Pig's "Piggest Raffle" Raises Money for Local Nonprofits

The Flying Pig Marathon raffle or the "Piggest Raffle Ever" benefits local Cincinnati non-profits. Adopt a pig online until May 6th (the drawing is May 7th). For every $5 ticket you purchase, GCBHS receives the entire $5 as a donation from the Flying Pig Marathon!

One lucky winner will receive $5,000 and the organization they select will also receive $5,000! Second prize is also $2500 for the winner and another $2500 for the nonprofit they chose. Third prize is a Cincinnati Get-Away Experience.

Two years ago a #GCBHS staffer won the $2500 2nd prize! And GCBHS also received $2500!

If you would like to participate you can purchase entries at: and choose Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services as your charity of choice. Remember if you choose GCBHS we receive 100% on every ticket you purchase.

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