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Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank and GCBHS

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services works with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank through the Every Child Succeeds (ECS) program. Founded in 1999, ECS helps babies get off to a good start in life since research has found that the first 1,000 days of life are critical for their success. Says GCBHS ECS Program Manager Pamela Wilz, "We take advantage of that time by concentrating on the health of Mom and her baby; we work on parenting skills and interaction, and we provide resources if needed. The main goal is on child development and parent/child interaction so we can ready them for pre-school and kindergarten. "

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Banks helps #GCBHS staff obtain diapers and feminine hygiene products for clients in the Every Child Succeeds program. Founder and CEO Megan Fischer started Sweet Cheeks when she found out that diapers weren't covered by SNAP or WIC. After reading about a diaper bank in another state she naturally assumed there would be one in the Cincinnati area. She wanted to look them up so she could volunteer and make a financial contribution. But she couldn’t find one! "I thought, this can't be right," says Megan. "Cincinnati has the 4th highest poverty rate for children. How can this be? But it was true. No one was helping families with this very basic need."

Recently the Every Child Succeeds team from GCBHS volunteered at the Tidal Babe Period Bank (a part of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank) assembling and packing 321 feminine hygiene supply kits in just under two hours! Says Wilz, "Our ECS team has been partnering with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank for several years now and it is such a joy to see how much they have grown. Volunteering for this one-of-a-kind organization that helps meet such basic needs, is a privilege. It is also an opportunity for team building, as well as a lot of fun!"

To find out more about Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank and the work they do in Greater Cincinnati, go to

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