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Nurse Practitioner Week is November 13-19

Information for this post comes from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

This week we celebrate our fantastic #GCBHS Nurse Practitioners (NP) as well as all NP's nationwide. The theme for this year's NP week is NPs: Rising to Meet the Needs of Patients.

Did you know that more than 355,000 NPs are licensed to practice in the US? NP's are vital to our medical system helping to reduce health care disparities and address social determinants of health, ensuring patients receives the equitable, person-centered, high-quality healthcare.

For more than half a century, NPs have been leading the charge to reduce health disparities and ensure that high-quality, person-centered health care is readily accessible to people in communities nationwide. NPs continue rising to meet the needs of patients — by pursuing the advanced education and clinical training required to become an NP, by completing countless hours of continuing education (CE) throughout their careers and by increasing patients’ access to quality care. NPs practice in primary, acute, specialty and long-term care settings; via telehealth; and in mobile clinics — meeting patients where the need is greatest.

With a focus on health maintenance and disease prevention, NPs play a key role in filling the growing demand for chronic, mental health and primary care. This NP Week, AANP and #GCBHS join with grateful patients across the county in recognizing NPs for their leadership, putting the health of patients first and rising to meet their needs. We thank you!

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