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GCB Connects - Connecting people to services and addressing immediate needs

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

At this year's Champions of Hope gala, held April 29th at the Hyatt Regency, #GCBHS debuted a new video which highlights the team providing services as part of a new program called GCB Connects.

How Does the Program Work?

It's about the importance of connecting people as quickly as possible, to address their most pressing needs. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services has specialists on-site to assist with things such as:

  • Housing,

  • Furniture and food needs

  • Mental health services

  • Addiction services

Our staff will even help clients fill out the sometimes complicated paperwork that comes with receiving assistance. We can even step in when they are suffering from loneliness by connecting them to local organizations (including #GCBHS) to ensure they feel a connection to the community and the people in it.

Torri Cook is the Associate Director of Community Supports

According to Torri what makes this different from other program is that, "GCB Connects is a one-stop shop where clients and non-clients can walk through the door and their immediate needs are met. They are assessed that day and taken care of that day."

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