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Treatment Programs For Adults

Traditional Outpatient Program

The Traditional Outpatient Program is a group treatment program for people with early stage alcohol or drug dependency who do not require intensive treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program is a group treatment program for people who have been diagnosed with an alcohol or drug dependency and need a high-structured program.

Medication Assisted Treatment  

An alternative approach for substance abuse, Medication Assisted Treatment uses a combination of behavioral therapy and medications to help clients recover more quickly from drug and alcohol addictions.

Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment

This individual or group treatment includes psychiatric services for people who have both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse issue.

Treatment Alternative for Safer Communities

The program is a treatment and rehabilitation alternative to incarceration. Through the Treatment Alternative for Safer Communities program, adults referred by the Common Pleas Court and Probation Department receive assessment, counseling, and case management.

Community Alternative Sentencing Center  

The Community Alternative Sentencing Center is an alternative to traditional jail for adults charged with certain misdemeanor drug and alcohol abuse-related crimes.

Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs For Adolescents

The Foundations of Recovery Group is a traditional outpatient program for youth.

In addition to  this group program, we also offer individual treatment, including:

  • Home based counseling (treatment in the home and community)

  • Day treatment (an intensive treatment, educational, and vocational program for youth who need daily structure)

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