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GCBHS helps people with neurobiological illnesses, such as Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety Disorders. Our Community Psychiatrists can diagnose these types of conditions and then help with medication management. We also help educate clients (and their family members) about signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness and relapse prevention.

At GCBHS, we use a strengths-based recovery model approach. That means that instead of putting our main focus on the client’s problems, we shift the focus to their strengths, and to the things that make them unique. We want to help the people in our care move their lives forward, based on the goals they set for themselves.

Our care team offers a tremendous amount of ongoing support. Everyone on the team (psychiatrists, care managers, counselors, vocational support, primary care) talks to each other and collaborates with each other—always with the goal of helping our clients with their overall health and wellness.


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