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Kohl's Cares: Helping our Community One Grant at a Time

When you shop at your local Kohl's, you may see the displays for Kohl’s Cares® Goods for Good, but did you know that the money raised through the program helps organizations like Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS)? Kohl’s Cares® Goods for Good are the books and stuffed animals that you see on display near checkout lanes and by entrances to the store. One hundred percent of the net profit from sales goes back into communities across the country.

GCBHS would like to thank Kohl's for granting us $25,000 for our Transitions to Independence (TIP) program. TIP helps young people with a mental health diagnosis, transition to adulthood and become self-sufficient, productive members of our community. Many TIP clients do not have family support and struggle with housing and transportation, which is imperative if they are to provide for themselves and take care of basic needs.

The program is evidence-based and focuses on life areas such as living situation, education, employment, community life, physical & mental health, positive relationships, and good communication. The TIP team consists of a Transition Facilitator, Psychiatrist, Youth Engagement Specialist, and a Counselor, who provide intensive services to assist youth in meeting their goals. Through the program they learn how to navigate the road to adulthood while making good decisions and managing their mental health issues to lessen the risk of long-term, intensive treatment.

If you know someone in Clermont or Hamilton counties who may benefit from TIP services, go to the open access page on the GCBHS website for additional information on how to complete an assessment.

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