Every Child Succeeds Client Story

Every Child Succeeds

A single, young woman who was dependent on her family financially and expecting her first child -This describes Frida, a new mother who was referred to the Every Child Succeeds Program in 2015, when she learned she was 17 weeks pregnant with twins.  Frida had grown up in Burundi, a country in east Africa, and moved to the United States eight years ago.  She was in the process of completing her high school education when she learned of her pregnancy.  Frida was introduced to the Every Child Succeeds Program and accepted services including home visiting, parenting information and guidance, support, and referrals.  Frida and her children graduated the Every Child Succeeds Program on September 14th, 2018, when the twins turned 3 years old and after completing 111 home visits!

Self sufficient, socially competent, and leading by example- Frida has displayed what can happen with guidance and support.  She has noted that, “…taking care of two kids with no help from anyone it was life challenging for me…I made a great choice choosing the Every Child Succeeds program over other agencies.”   While working with the Every Child Succeeds Program, Frida has graduated high school and is exploring college courses.  She has been working full time and has been able to move herself and the twins into their own home, as well as, purchase a car.  Frida has divided her time and attention between her own education, employment, and parenting the twins- who are now enrolled and flourishing in preschool.  She is an example of how hard work and commitment can be life changing.  We are proud of her and all our Every Child Succeeds families.