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When people have a place to live, they are better able to participate in other treatment services. We help clients do the things they need to do in order to obtain and maintain independent housing in the community.

Community Housing Services

A nationally-recognized practice, the “Housing First” model means that we work to get housing for clients before, or concurrently with, clinical interventions. We offer a variety of support services to make sure that people are able to choose, find, and live in a home. Our housing staff has cultivated a strong network of resources across Hamilton County, including real estate agents, private landlords, public subsidized housing, halfway housing, group living, and specialized housing. (Services are available in both Hamilton and Clermont County.)








A unique housing brokerage service available in Hamilton County, Homelink assists individuals working with other Care Management programs in the county to locate and secure permanent housing of their choice.

Home Choice

The Home Choice program helps individuals who are currently in nursing home settings and want to transition into housing in the community. We offer short-term supports to help with the transition and make sure they can maintain their housing.

Recovery Housing

We own/operate two Level 2 Recovery Houses (male/female) in Clermont County which are designed for individuals who have demonstrated commitment to their recovery from addiction and are interested in affordable, safe, shared living opportunity.  Focused on family-like relationships and supporting life in recovery, our homes offer a permanent living arrangement where residents participate in decision-making with support from our peer recovery coaches and Housing Program Manager.  (No on-site staff)

Shared Independent Living

We own/operate four single-family homes. Small groups of women (those who wish to live independently, but not alone) share the homes. This unique cooperative housing arrangement offers a permanent living arrangement in a family-like atmosphere. (No onsite staff.)

Kemper House

This program provides a safe and supported temporary living environment for people transitioning out of hospital settings or other institutional environments. Residential Staff (onsite around the clock) facilitate engagement in activities of daily living and support—all aimed at helping residents reconnect to the community.

Housing & Residential

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