Wellness & Recovery Centers

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center provides a safe and supportive place for GCB clients to socialize and learn the relationship-building skills that are so important for recovery and feeling part of a community. It’s a place to share personal journeys of recovery with peers who understand, including the Peer Support Specialists who are always available at the Wellness Center and lead various activities each week. There are plentiful opportunities for unstructured socializing, as well as group activities around current events, arts and crafts, meditation, the power of positive thinking, cooking for health, and developing personal wellness practices.

The Recovery Center of Hamilton County

The Recovery Center of Hamilton County (RCHC) is an Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services certified Consumer Operated Service. It’s a place for people with mental illness who are ready to advance in their recovery. Designed as a learning environment, the RCHC promotes wellness and personal growth—with an eye toward empowering people as they work through recovery and live meaningful lives in the community. Programs there are peer-directed, run by people who have overcome the obstacles of their own mental illness. The RCHC features a variety of self-help, peer support, educational, vocational, and community involvement activities. In addition to increasing quality of life and community involvement, the goal of the RCHC is to try to help people see what’s truly possible.