Psychiatric & Medical Services

From diagnosis to treatment to primary care, GCB helps people with psychiatric illnesses. Our entire team of physicians and practitioners truly cares about helping clients be well and live fulfilling lives. As an organization, GCB is always looking to add innovation and be a leader in the field of mental health.



GCB’s board-certified psychiatrists diagnose and treat a wide range of psychiatric illnesses, and provide well-rounded support. Find out more about our strengths-based approach to treating psychiatric illnesses.

Integrated Care

GCB provides behavioral health care and primary health care together, in the same location. Learn more about how Integrated Care at GCB works.


We have specialized nursing care, including psychiatric nursing care and advanced practice nursing.

Pharmacy Services

GCB operates a full-service pharmacy in two of our service locations. It’s provided by Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company, a specialized pharmacy for persons with mental illness.