Employment Services

GCBHS helps people find employment that builds on their strengths and skills, no matter what barriers they may face. We tailor our employment services to what our clients need, providing support throughout the transition from job exploration to job seeking to obtaining a job and then keeping that job.

We also have specialized employment services available for people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities, and substance use disorders, as well as targeted programming for adults, youth, and people experiencing homelessness.

GCBHS is proud to partner with United Way of Greater Cincinnati to provide these vital services to our community.  

Job Exploration Services

Getting ready to enter or re-enter the world of work can feel like a daunting task. At GCBHS, we walk our clients through the process, step-by-step—from helping them figure out what kind of work they want to do, to understanding how earning wages will impact benefits, to coming up with a plan for transportation, to helping them build the skills they need to thrive on the job. At times, we set up job shadowing or job try-outs. This is a great way for someone to develop insight into their strengths, preferences, and abilities, and to see if a specific employment opportunity would be a good match.

Job Development & Job Search Services

GCBHS’ Job Development services help people become employed. We take an individualized, community based approach, focusing on networking and marketing to potential employers.

Through these services, we help people locate job opportunities, develop resumes and work references, and complete applications. We work with them to address potential barriers, such as breaks in employment history, criminal convictions, and need for reasonable accommodations. We also help people prepare for interviews, through coaching and mock interview exercises. Overall, we teach our clients effective techniques for organizing their job search and making face-to-face employer contacts.

Job Coaching & Employment Supports

Through our Job Coaching services, we help people adjust to their new worksite, whether it means on-the-job support or at an off-site location. GCBHS Job Coaches help clients learn job tasks, understand workplace culture, manage work relationships, develop natural and peer supports, handle stress, and develop self-advocacy skills through role playing.

We also offer long-term, follow-along job support to assist with problem solving and managing changes in the worksite over time.

Specialized Employment Programs

GCBHS’s Specialized Employment Services are available for people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities, and substance use disorders. We also have targeted programming for adults, youth, and persons experiencing homelessness.