Addiction Services

Addiction affects all walks of life. We help people of all ages recover from substance abuse and addiction through a variety of outpatient programs, including complete assessment and treatment, as well as intervention and prevention services.

Treatment Programs

GCBHS treats adults and adolescents with addiction, through both group and individual programs. Because different people respond better to different treatments, we have various options to help our clients overcome their addictions and live fulfilling lives. Read about substance abuse treatment programs for teens and adults.

Intervention Programs

GCBHS Intervention Programs help both youth and adults stay out of jail, find a new path, and reduce their risk for developing addiction issues. Learn more about GCBHS’ Intervention Programs.

Education & Prevention Programs

GCBHS aims to stop substance abuse before it starts, by targeting at-risk people and populations. We have outreach and educational programs specifically for women and for youth.

View the GCBHS New Client Welcome Packet here, which includes a full explanation of Client Rights policies.

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 The GCBHS Client Concern Line: 513-354-5285