SAGE - Focus on Children and Families in Poverty

Focus on Children and Families in Poverty

GCB’s Child & Family Division recently launched a new treatment program, entitled ‘SAGE,’ focused on helping families and children currently living in poverty. The program was developed to help answer the question: How might we implement a trauma focused and integrated model of care for individuals and families that helps them defeat poverty? 

Families may choose to participate in family focused counseling and/or wraparound services. Wraparound offers a structured, creative and family centered, team planning process with results that are proven to be more effective and relevant to the child and family. In addition to offering services in many of our offices and schools, the program is expanding into the community, partnering with Community Matters and Santa Maria Community Services in Price Hill to meet families where they are. Additional partnerships are in planning stages.

Values that are key to the program’s success include prioritizing the families and child’s perspectives and cultivating a customized natural support system in the community. Planning is grounded in family member’s perspectives, and the team strives to provide options that reflect individualized voices and choice.

“In SAGE,” says Anna Stark, Director KY and School Based Programs, “we provide an approach that brings professionals, community supports and the people who care about that client most, all together to work towards established goals. We believe that when services are focused on strengths, along with support and coordination, greater successes are possible.”

SAGE (meaning wise through reflection and experience) is offered year-round and is available to any child and/or family who is experiencing problems within the family or at work, school or in the community.  Services can be provided in the client’s home, or another convenient location.  The frequency and length of treatment is customized, depending on the client and family’s needs.  For more information for both Ohio and Kentucky, call 513-354-5616.