Anita - Wellness Client

Anita is a Clermont County native, and has been a client at GCB’s Amelia office where she receives both her behavioral as well as physical healthcare needs through the Holistic Health and Integration Program.  Funded through a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the program offers the coordination and integration of all the client’s healthcare needs, including access to classes and support groups that focus on nutrition, health education, exercise, weight loss and quitting smoking. 

A routine wellness visit revealed a surprising reality – Anita was in Stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease.  “I was motivated to turn my health around,” she says.  “The thought of having to go on dialysis was terrifying.”   A fan of ‘comfort food and snacks’ most of her life, Anita heard about the ‘Eat Your Greens’ class offered at the Amelia location led by peer wellness coach, Carl Henthorn, and was intrigued. 

A year later, Anita has dropped 15 pounds, has greater energy and is no longer in kidney failure.  “Everything got better,” she says.  Anita now plans her meals, and cooks regularly for herself.  The six-week class focused on nutrition basics, food labels, portion sizes and how to shop smart at the grocery.  Participants are led in a group exercise activity each week, easily replicated at home using a chair or a wall.

Having graduated from the program, Anita still attends the weekly support group, where she finds ‘inspiration and ideas.’  She references the support materials regularly, especially when considering eating out.  “The calorie guide tells you how much fat and salt is really in that burger!” she laughs.

Her future goals include ‘starting a food diary that is centered around a balance of foods,’ and to continue the healthy exercise habits she’s adopted, including taking the stairs when possible, as well as walking outside ‘when it’s not too cold,’ and avoiding the candy aisle.

“I enjoy cooking in the kitchen now,” she says. “I made potato soup last night – and yes, I left off the bacon!”