Lisa Nichols Spotlight

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nicholas has been a great friend, colleague, and mentor at GCB since she began her journey here 17 years ago. Now working as a full-time Peer Support worker in the Wellness Center, Lisa started her journey in 2002 after finding the strength to escape an abusive relationship in California. She literally left in the middle of the night with only the clothes on her back, handing her 2-year old daughter to a neighbor over a barbed fence and getting a ride to the airport, where a ticket that her grandmother had purchased for her had been waiting.   Safe with family in Cincinnati, Lisa soon connected with GCB where she connected to services and began to learn how to process her traumatic experience. Lisa was also referred to our Employment Division, where her positive attitude and desire to help others captivated her job coach. Soon, Lisa was offered a position with the same program that helped her.

Since this time, Lisa has worked with and started countless groups with the Wellness Center including a women’s and men’s group that focuses on domestic violence and empowerment. She teaches a cooking class once a week, and is part of the Project Care organization that also works with domestic violence victims.  She serves on the committee for the Purple Light Walk (a march designed to bring awareness to domestic violence victims) and many more organizations outside of GCB.

 Lisa also recently won the Doris Brennan Award of Excellence, given to a candidate with a disability that has shown extraordinary drive, determination and resourcefulness in overcoming barriers to his/her independence. Lisa has continued her work by joining the Board of Trustees for the Peasley Neighborhood Center, serving as the resource manager to the community. Overall, Lisa is interested in any resource or organization that benefits others. She is a hard worker, determined to help others, and an inspiring friend and employee that truly embodies the spirit of GCB .