Client Spotlight - Hilda

Hilda had developed a pattern.  This grandmother of four was being hospitalized at the same time each year since going through a traumatic event involving a family suicide.  Every fall for almost seven years, around the anniversary of that event, Hilda would experience extreme anxiety that would morph into physical symptoms of a stroke, resulting in hospitalization.

Finally, she referred to GCB’s Amelia location, where she would receive both her behavioral as well as physical healthcare needs through the Holistic Health Integration Project. It was then that she learned that not only did she have high blood pressure and cholesterol, but she was also diabetic.

Only a year and a half later, Hilda went from receiving almost daily care management, to looking forward to working and driving again. “Hilda totally invested in this program,” says Katie Crawford, her care manager. “Rarely does someone move so quickly from the most intensive treatment, to just maintenance.  She took everything she learned to heart, and made significant lifestyle changes.”

Hilda was also connected to a specialist for her diabetes, and had her medication adjusted. Carl Henthorn, a GCB peer wellness coach, counseled Hilda one-on-one in regards to nutrition, diet and exercise.  Hilda began to take control of her meals, requesting less food on her plate at her living facility where her meals are provided.  She started to take daily walks and quickly lost ten pounds.

“We’ve all been so impressed by her motivation and self-improvement,” says Carl.  “She continues to work on establishing and achieving goals, all in the direction of recovery.”

“She’s also taken complete accountability and responsibility for herself, in every way,” says Katie.  “2017 was the first year she went without needing hospitalization in a long time.”

Today, her health has stabilized and she is looking for a job in security, where she had a career she loved.  “I look forward to each new day,” she says.  “I’m enjoying having much more energy; I feel optimistic.”