CEO 2018 Summer Newsletter Message

All of us are more effective and also more fulfilled through our connectedness.  Persons with mental illness and substance abuse disorders have unique talents and much to contribute. The professionals who help know that they are just as fortunate to learn much from those they serve.  To illustrate the power of both giving and receiving, our summer 2018 newsletter features stories of special connections between GCB, our partners, and the clients we serve. 

You will learn that many of our clients experience loneliness and isolation due to challenges that come with mental illness and addiction.  All of us share a universal need for connection and purpose.  At GCB, we partner with you to encourage, empower and partner with people to look at their situation, options as well as their potential. 

As a GCB supporter, you play an important part in each one of the successful journeys made by thousands of our clients each year.  Your support helps us to continue to provide the education, treatment, nurturing and hope they need to realize and reclaim that potential. We thank all of you for your donations, grants, volunteer work and advocacy.  Through that support and generosity, we hope your life has been enriched as well.