• Kateri A. Broerman
    Associate Director of Mental Health Services
  • Kim Carrier
    CEO Assistant/Administrative Coordinator
  • Heather Cokl
    Associate Director of Addiction Services
  • Cindi Crew
    Director of Integrated Counseling Services
  • Debbie DeMarcus
    Associate VP of Mental Health ACT Division
  • Tim Farfsing
    Associate Director of Facilities
  • Jennifer K. Dorschug
    Director of Mental Health Services
  • Michael R. Lyons
    Associate Director of Health Information Management
  • Leah Marcus
    Director of Mental Health Services
  • Lloyd Mason
    Director of Information Technology
  • Tracey Meininger
    Associate Director of Billing and Revenue Cycle Management
  • Penny Middaugh
    Associate VP of Integrated Counseling Services
  • Christopher Pedoto
    Director of Community Supports
  • Katherine J. Schmidt, MD
    Associate Medical Director
  • Regina "Rusty" Sheehan, JD
    Director of Development
  • Kelly A. Smith-Trondle
    Director of Employment & Recovery Services
  • Anna Stark
    Director of School Based & N. KY Services
  • Joyce Weddle
    Director of Vocational Services

Board of Directors

  • Nick Hahn
    Board Chair
  • George Wright
    Vice Chair
  • Janeen Sharpshair
  • Patti Jacobs
  • Richard Boydston
  • Herb Brown
  • Ashley Caldwell
  • Nick Collura
  • Bill Culp
  • Dr. Larry Graham
  • Steve Harlamert
    Member at Large
  • Grant Hesser
  • Fred Heyse
  • Stacy Lynch
  • Jamie Ramsey
  • Laurie Roessler
  • Susan Scherer
  • Dr. James Thomas
  • Gloria Walker