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Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Psychiatric
Full time or part time to provide psychiatric evaluation and ongoing psychiatric care of clients by performing mental status examination, diagnostic assessments, supportive therapy, and pharmacological management. Implements treatment plans that have been reviewed and approved by supervising physician and monitors effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.  Prescribes medication with guidance of supervising physician.  Manages prescriptions, administration of medications.  Provides patient/family counseling and education. Master’s degree in Nursing required.  Ohio Nursing & Advanced Nurse Practitioner License required. Prescriptive authority in Ohio required.  Experience with psychiatric care required. EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets 

Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor/Care Manager
Batavia, OH
Assess clients’ needs and ability to receive alcohol and other drug treatment by gathering information from the client and other sources on client’s alcohol and other drug use. Evaluate the impact of alcohol and drugs on major life areas.  Will work closely with Adult Probation to coordinate care and provide direct services to individuals on the ISP caseload.  May provide alcohol and other drug related counseling services.  Make appropriate referrals for further counseling and services to improve client’s quality of life and improve likelihood of recovery.  Provide linkage or referrals to case managers or to appropriate school, employment bureau, health facility, or other community resource in order to enhance the client’s quality of life and improve likelihood of recovery.  May provide transportation to aid in the connection to community resources/services.   Ohio Chemical Dependency Licensure (CDCA status or higher) required.   Bachelor’s degree in Human Service or Addictions required.  Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Licensure (LSW, PC, LISW or PCC) preferred.  Demonstrated communication and counseling skills.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Care Manager
Cincinnati, OH
Full time position responsible for providing Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST) services to severely and persistently mentally ill clients. Establishes therapeutic relationships, assesses complex problems, selects problem-solving interventions, and helps clients to function effectively. Assesses each client’s strengths and limitations and the mental health, financial, and institutional resources available.  In conjunction with a supervisor and team psychiatrist, assesses the client’s mental health and basic needs, determines the appropriate level of care and support, determines the availability of resources, and develops an Individual Recovery Plan. Implements and monitors the Individual Recovery Plan. Coordinates access to the recommended medical treatment services, vocational assistance, housing assistance, and other targeted services.  Master's degree in mental health, vocational training, education, social work, counseling or other field related to the mentally ill; or a Bachelor's degree in one of the specified fields plus two years of education, training, or experience in one of the specified fields. Credentialing as a licensed Social Work or Counselor preferred.  Position requires the use of a personal mobile phone.  Position requires frequent driving of own personal vehicle. A valid driver’s license, vehicle, and insurable driving record are required.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Cincinnati, OH
Full time position responsible to provide diagnostic assessment, counseling and CPST services to individuals with severe and/or persistent mental illness.   Provides diagnostic information, assesses overall level of functioning and develops individualized, medically necessary treatment recommendations for individuals. This may include both severely mentally ill clients as well as those dealing with significant substance abuse issues.  Assists with program development during the course of the grant period and will be responsible for on-going coordination with court personnel, probation, and the jail to facilitate intakes and care of existing clients while in the legal system.  Col­laborates with others, both in the professional community and within the client's natural environment, to assess the individual’s current needs for treatment.   Collaborates with other team members in identified program for assessment, crisis management and treatment planning. These treatments are provided in accordance with best practice, professional ethics and boundaries.  Licensed by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Board (LSW, LISW, PC, PCC) or otherwise credentialed to complete mental health assessments and to provide Counseling, Psychotherapy Services and Therapy as defined by ODMH regulations required.  Master’s degree in mental health, social work, counseling or other field of study that is related to the treatment, support and education of the mentally ill preferred.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Employment Specialist
Cincinnati, OH
Full time position to find and place individuals with severe mental illness and other related barriers into competitive community employment and providing job coaching services to those clients placed in employment utilizing the evidenced based supported employment principles.  Develop employment goals based on individuals strengths and needs, and work as part of an integrated treatment model to include marketing Vocational Programs to business, community, and referral agents, networking with HR Departments, development of individualized placement plans, building relationships with community employers, and providing job coaching/employment site support services to clients.  Provide the following services: one-on-one career exploration, job development sessions, resume development and critiquing, individualized job searches, job/task analysis, orientation and job training, collaboration with other service providers and/or treatment team, and other supports as required to assist clients to obtain and maintain employment.  Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Business or related field plus two years of related experience required.  Demonstrated skills in the following areas: self-direction/management, coordination of multiple tasks concurrently, interpersonal and communication skills, acquiring/evaluating information, crisis intervention and engaging/disengaging effectively with clients with severe mental illnesses and other barriers to employment.  Position requires frequent driving of own vehicle. Valid driver’s license, vehicle and insurable driving record are required.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Batavia, OH 
Part time position (Friday  8:00am-4:30pm and Saturday8:00am-4:30pm).  Assist Registered Nurses and/or Physicians with client care in an outpatient clinicalsetting.  Duties include pass medications, drugsscreening, and interview and triage of clients.  Prepare clients and assist physicians with patient exams and/or treatment - obtainvital signs, draw laboratory specimens. Schedule client appointments. Keep accurate and up to date clinical records according to the protocols -electronic medical records, medication logs. Managementof phone prescriptions and refills to pharmacies.  Case management for client linkage into the community.  Managementof client phone calls to identify emergent and non-emergent situations duringclinic hours.  Light cleaning and clerical work.  Licensure by the Ohio Board of Nursing as a LPN required.  Demonstrated communication and nursing skills required.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Cincinnati, OH
Full-time position to provide nursing services (primarily med/somatic) to clients with a psychiatric nursing focus; administer medication and injections; provide medical/health screening and minor physical health duties (dressing changes/blood pressure screening/monitoring glucose levels/etc.); provide psychiatric nursing assessment of individual clients as it relates to medication complications; assess effectiveness of psychotropic medication therapy; and provide education to clients regarding topics such as medications, side effects, and drug interactions. Licensure by the Ohio Board of Nursing as Registered Nurse required. BSN strongly preferred. Experience in working with persons who have a chronic mental illness preferred. 
Ability to administer subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, to draw-up injectable medications, to assess vital signs and to set-up medisets. 
Position requires use of personal mobile phone.  Position requires frequent driving of own vehicle.  Valid driver’s license, vehicle and insurable driving record are required.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Nursing Services Team Leader
Batavia, OH
Full time position to provide nursing evaluations and other interventions including counseling, medicalsomatic and case management to aid in ambulatory detoxification program.  Provide liaison with MD and treatment and implement medical decisions.  Demonstrate ability to evaluate crises and refer appropriately.  Provide case management to clients as needed.  Provide counseling to clients as part of the ambulatory detoxification program schedule.  Overseemedication compliance and monitor withdrawal using designated tools.  Supervise LPN staff.  Licensure by the Ohio Board of Nursing as RegisteredNurse required.  BSN preferred.   Knowledge of substance abuse and addiction nursing required.  Valid driver’s license, vehicle and insurable driving record are required.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

School BasedTherapist
St. Bernard Elementary, Cincinnati, OH
Full-time (10 monthposition) – renewable each school year.  Provide mental health therapy services in a school based setting.  Attend unit meetings and case staffings as required.  Connect with principals, teachers, students and parents to develop rapport and trust to grow caseload.  Document services for billing.  Master’s degree in social work or counseling required.  Licensed by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board - LSW, LISW or PCC required.  Prior experience working with children and families through work experience and/or internships.  Be flexible to negotiate the politics of the school.  Proficient at medical records documentation.  EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets

Transitional Support Specialist
Cincinnati, OH
Full time to assist with Home Choice programming and help clients transition from nursing facilities to community placements. Perform intake functions and provide intensive support services to clients with severe mental illness living in or transitioning to the community.  Services to include medication training, independent living skills training, interpersonal skills development, assistance with managing psychiatric symptoms, as well as, provision of ongoing intensive support to assist clients in resolving potential crisis situations. Bachelor’s degree in human services field and two years experience in a human services organization working in a community-based mental health program working intensively with SMD population; or equivalent combination of education and experience in human services organization; total combination of six years education and experience. Excellent time management, communication and documentation skills and ability to be flexible with work schedule required. Position requires frequent driving of own vehicle. Valid driver’s license, vehicle and insurable driving record are required.   EEO Employer F/M/Disabled/Vets


Current Employment Opportunities

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